Mum’s Little (Non) Helper

2nd January 2004

It’s sooooo hot!

It’s been like a million degrees all day. I had to get out of my PJ’s because I was sweating so much. Not that I minded, but sometimes I just like to wear them all day. They are so comfy and it saves having to make the effort to choose something to wear. And it also saves on laundry. It’s like one less thing to take off the line. Unlike dad’s clothes. He has to wear a new shirt like every day. That is so much washing I don’t know how mum deals with it.

Speaking of Dad, I felt so bad for him today. He had to go back to work. He actually didn’t have to, but I suppose it’s better than staying at home.

With Grace.

And me.

And I think he’s got like proper air con at work too. So lucky. Our aircon doesn’t work well when it’s hot and humid. It does like, nothing! Especially on a day like today. OMG! So yeah, mum and I had a huge fight when she got home from work. I don’t know why she got all pissed at me because I was doing her a favour.

Like, normally Grace goes to day care during the week, but they were closed today for some weird reason, so I got up real early to look after her before dad went to work. I don’t mind babysitting, but I just wish that mum had a normal job like all my friend’s mum’s do. Every week she comes home with a new work roster and her hours are all over the place. Like today. She actually started at 5am this morning, and didn’t get home until midday. Dad left at 7.30am, so for me to get up before that (school days don’t count) is a pretty huge deal. I’m like a walking zombie at that time in the morning, and looking after Grace while still waking up was pretty crappy. But as soon as I put her in front of the TV, she was good.

It started getting hot around 11am so I turned on the aircon. I was settling in to watch a Barbie movie with Grace when mum got home. I was actually in a good mood by that time but as soon as mum walked through the door, she yelled at me! I mean, how was I supposed to know that you need to open some windows when you put the aircon on! Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of staying cool? Mum was so full on that I just stormed off and pretty much spent the whole day in my room just to avoid her. She could have at least said ‘hi’ or like say thanks for looking after her own daughter. You know, something that mothers are supposed to do, not their offspring.

But nope. She just yelled at me. So I’m not talking to her. And I really need to go on the computer but I’m trying to make a point of staying in my room. I wish my parents would just buy me my own computer. They aren’t that expensive. Plus, I wouldn’t have to go into the study and get kicked off when dad wants to use it. But no, they don’t see it that way. They don’t like me being ‘anti-social’. But seriously, how is MSN anti-social? I chat with my friends like every day. I am so not anti-social!

But right now I am.

Britt and I were supposed to chat on MSN tonight about the whole Josh thing but I’m stuck in here because I’m still mad at mum. That reminds me; I have to msg her and tell her that I’m not coming on tonight.

It’s now been like nearly 24 hours and I still haven’t spoken about it – I think I’m gonna go nuts!

Amber A.


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