The Boy Next Door

5th January 2004

I had the best sleep in today – I nearly made it to 1pm. Mum and dad had to go to work this morning, so they dropped Grace off at day care. Needless to say, I had the place all to myself! I would’ve stayed in bed all day if I had my way, but the neighbour’s kids were playing in the pool and their screams woke me up… and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I am so jealous; I wish we had a swimming pool! I would go swimming like, every day. Unless it’s winter. I do not want to become a human ice cube. But in summertime… hell yeah! I could have a pool party and invite my friends over, and get a tan without having to go to the beach, which is like an hour away from my house. So…far… away… to go every day.

*Sad face*

But… I’m not allowed to have a pool. Dad says they are too expensive, and that they are a lot of maintenance. We have nothing that is remotely fun. No swimming pool, no pets, no spa, no trampoline… nothing! Oh! Actually, we have 1 thing. A pool table. OMG actually, 2 things! A pool table and a piano. Like a proper upright piano. Ok. I guess I can live with having 2 fun things in my house. But seriously, when I grow up, I am so getting a swimming pool.

I made myself some 2 minute noodles and put on Shrek (there was like, nothing on TV). I love Shrek. Donkey is so cute! I can’t wait until Shrek 2 comes out… I hope it’ll be as good as the original. It’s so annoying when the sequel is a flop. It just ruins the whole franchise. And I hope they don’t make any changes to Donkey! That would be tragic.

The phone rang about halfway through the movie. I wasn’t sure if I should answer because mum told me not to pick up when she or dad isn’t home, otherwise people will know that I’m by myself. Sometimes, I really don’t understand her logic. It’s not like they can see through the phone – they aren’t going to know if I’m home alone or not. Plus, most of the time it’s just overseas telemarketers, so obviously they aren’t going to drop everything and fly out to Australia, come to the house and rob us. It really isn’t worthwhile, is it? And besides, I usually just pretend to cut out and then hang up on them if I’m not interested. Which is like 99% of the time. I wonder if other people do that too…

So yeah, I did end up picking up the phone, even though I was told not to.

I’m such a rebel.

It was Adrian! I completely forgot his family got back from their holiday today. Well, not today, but yesterday. I felt like such a bad friend because I didn’t remember. He was pretty excited to come over and tell me about his trip, so I told him to come over in 30 minutes because I had to get changed. Yeah. Ok, I know getting changed doesn’t take that long, but I had to do my hair and put on some makeup too. I have so many pimples and zits on my face right now it’s not funny. And some of them are really painful. Most of them are on my chin, but I have a couple on my forehead too.

I hate them.

SO much.

I don’t know how other girls don’t get them. It’s so unfair. I wish I didn’t have to wear makeup, but my face is so red that my family love to tell me how bad my acne is, because it’s so obvious. So yeah, to whoever invented concealer – I LOVE you!

Adrian rocked up with a present for me! A packet of sour rainbow strips! OMG my favourite lollies ever! I let him in and we just sat on the couch and talked for like the whole afternoon. I didn’t realise how much I missed him until he started talking about his trip.

You know, it’s really hard to believe we had such a massive fight 2 years ago. We didn’t talk to each other for like 6 months. Maybe even more. He is literally the boy next door; he lives in the cul de sac behind us, so they are like, 4 houses away. It was hard, because his family and mine are really, really good friends. Like, Mr and Mrs Petrovich would invite us over for dinner all the time. But while we were fighting, you would think they’d stop going. But nope. We still went, and I just had to ignore him… in his own home! It’s lucky that Sarah and Dylan were there, otherwise it would have been more awkward.

As much as I am grateful to Dylan that he introduced me to his family 5 years ago, he can be really annoying. He’s just so young! He’s still in primary school so he’s really immature. I know that he annoys Adrian a lot; I’ve witnessed countless screaming matches between them. Most of them over nothing! And poor Sarah is always stuck in the middle. I think it’s hard for Dylan because Sarah and Adrian are so much older than him; Sarah is starting year 10, and Adrian is going into year 12. Dylan will be in year 7 this year. So yeah, I feel a bit bad for him. It’s hard being the youngest sibling sometimes.  But I do try to be nice to him when I can.

Adrian stayed until mum came home. I could tell she was tired because she was real short with us. Adrian felt bad and left pretty quickly after that, but not before telling me we have to hang out tomorrow. It works out perfectly actually; mum has Tuesday off so she will be able to have some peace and quiet without me in the house making noise (which apparently I do – a lot).

Dad came home with Grace about an hour later and we had dinner. Grace is such a fussy eater. And she’s sooooo messy! I don’t know how people find toddlers ‘cute’ when they eat; I think it’s just gross. Thank God I don’t have to clean her up.  But mum does. I ended up waiting to take a shower for like a whole hour while mum gave Grace a bath. I was so pissed off. I just wanted to get on the net because Lauren msged me during dinner and said she had something important to tell me! I had like the quickest shower ever and got the computer and…

She wasn’t on.


OMG Lauren is so dead when I talk to her next! She can’t msg me something uber important, and then NOT come on MSN, like she said she would! I am dying of curiosity. I msged her demanding she come on the net and tell me, but she didn’t reply. Then I tried calling her but she didn’t pick up.


I scanned my friends list; no one was on. Again. I was really hoping that Lewis or Steph would be on but they weren’t. Britt wasn’t on either. Seriously, what’s up with her?  I’m going to call her tomorrow and find out. I miss talking to my friends. I haven’t seen them since before Christmas. I think it’s time we organised a shopping trip or something. It is the new year after all!

Amber A.


Have you ever wished that you had perfect skin? Pretty hard to achieve as a teen, right? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂


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