The Smarter Half Cast

11th January 2004

Work was so boring.

Hot and boring.

And long.

Sooooo long.

I ended up working an extra hour like I did last week. I wouldn’t have minded so much if it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t get a break. I was really shaky by the time it hit 4pm, so I bought a meat pie, chips and a chocolate milk. I felt like such a pig, but I probably would have fainted if I waited until I got home to eat. Larry was late again, so by the time I finished scoffing my face, he showed up and he dropped me home.

Surprisingly, he didn’t stay for dinner tonight; he had to give Michael a driving lesson up so he can get his P-plates. I can’t believe that he’s nearly able to drive! Like, we are the same age but he’s streets ahead of me. He is hell smart; think like Albert Einstein smart. He’s nice, tall, athletic, popular and… ugh, admittedly good looking too. He’s also half Asian like Grace and I.

He’s a half-cast.

I love that term.

And I thought it up all by myself!

I came up with it because it just got to a point where people would keep trying to guess what nationality I am.

Hello?! I am AUSTRALIAN!

But what they really mean to ask is what ethnicity I am. And that would be Eurasian. But I don’t like that word. It pretty much invites more questions, which I don’t like talking about with total strangers. So, I came up with half-cast. It lets them know that their ‘suspicions’ are correct but it doesn’t sound inviting enough to ask anything further than that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am heaps proud to be half Filipino, but like I said before, I do not like guessing games, even if I am the one who has the answer. So yeah, back to Michael.

I hate him.

Ok. I don’t hate him. It’s not his fault he’s like, a boy prodigy. But mum and dad always compare me to him. I’m not anywhere near his league! Just because we are the same age and we sort of grew up together, doesn’t mean that we have the same intelligence. We even go to rival high schools, so obviously I cannot stand being compared to him.

And now he’s getting his licence soon so this is just another thing I can add to the list of things that I haven’t got or done.

But I can tell that Larry is really proud of him. It’s really nice to see actually. Out of his 4 sons, he talks about Michael’s achievements the most. And even though it does get under my skin sometimes (and makes me feel like I have done nothing with my life), I know that he’ll be brilliant at anything he pursues later in life. He is destined for great things.

I still hate him though.

For being better than me.

Lol. Jks.

But seriously.

We had pizza for dinner, then I gave Grace a bath because mum is working until midnight. I did think about going on the computer, considering she will be home late, but I’m pretty sure she told dad that I’m not allowed on under any circumstances. And unfortunately, it’s still the school holidays for another 3 and a half weeks, so I can’t really pull some bullshit excuse about having to do ‘school work’.

*Sad face*

I decided to finish writing letters to my friends that I started last night.

And I wrote one to Josh.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever give it to him, but I do feel a lot better now that I’ve written it down. I know I still haven’t heard from him, but it’s making me miss him more. I always miss him more at night. I don’t know why though. I really need to talk to Lauren about everything. She should be back from her camping trip by now. I’m pretty sure Britt sent her a msg asking her to come shopping on Tuesday, so I will get a chance to chat to her then.

Amber A.


Did you ever have someone you considered a ‘rival’ when you were growing up? Tell me about it in the comments section below 🙂 

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