The Girls Day Out

13th January 2004

Today was helllll good!

It was great seeing all the girls – I have missed them so damn much. Britt – well, Britt’s mum- picked me up this morning. I made sure I locked up the house before I left, considering no one was going to be home until like 5pm. I gave Britt a big hug when I got in the car and we got to Westfield Carousel with about 15 minutes to spare before the movie started.

Amy and Jenny were already there. OMG, Amy is so tanned; she looks like she could be a Brazilian beach babe. LOL. She told us that she’s been helping out her dad with his boat for most of the school holidays so far. She loves the water, so I reckon that she’s been having more fun in the water than on the actual boat. But that’s Amy. She loves to be active. She hasn’t changed at all.

But Jenny has.

I didn’t recognise her at first; I had to do a double take. I swear, she’s like grown taller or something! I asked her about it and she said that she’s trying out new shoes. She had a pair of heels on! It was pretty cute and stereotypical at the same time.

Why do Asian girls always want to be taller?

Like, she’s not short short. She’s actually a good size. At least she won’t have any problem finding a guy that is taller than her. Unlike Amy. She’s the tallest out of all of us. I know she’s had some trouble trying to find a guy that is taller than her when she’s in high heels. Or maybe it’s just the guys at our school. Maybe they are all short for their age? Who knows.

So yeah, Jenny was all dressed up and she looked really nice. I’m so used to her wearing really casual clothing, so that’s why she looked hell different to what I remember her looking like. She kinda reminded me of Mercedes…

What can I say about Mercedes? We all call her Mercy for short. Oh Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Lol. God help the boys. That girl is a guy magnet. She rocked up in the most skimpiest outfit I had ever seen. Mini skirt, skin-tight tank top, Von Dutch hat, hoop earrings and a pair of… heels.


Seriously, why do Asian girls want to be taller?!

Ok. Maybe Mercy is an exception. She is Filipino. And most Filipinos are short. So, I don’t blame her for wanting to be taller. She’s much shorter than Jenny anyway, so the height probably makes her feel a bit better when she’s hanging out with us. Mercy looked gorgeous as normal. I cannot fault her. She is stunning.

I have to admit, I’m a little intimidated by her and how much attention she gets. I think we all are to some degree. I’m not saying that my friends and I boy crazy, but we get like zero attention from guys when she is around. But we still love her.

Lauren was the last to show up. Her face lit up when she saw all of us, and we had a group hug. Corny, I know. But we didn’t care! We quickly bought our tickets, got some snacks and headed into the cinema.

‘Honey’ was… SOOOOO GOOD! I LOVED IT! Jessica Alba can dance! All of us girls want to start taking dance lessons now. Lol. I don’t know if they will actually follow through with it, but who knows! We all came out of the movie really inspired though. I’m definitely going to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

We got some lunch and exchanged the latest gossip. Britt told the girls that she was going to have a baby sister, Lauren shared her big news about her insulin pump… and Aaron. Can’t forget about him! Amy said that she was planning a beach party for her birthday, so we are all really looking forward to that in February. Jenny didn’t really have news, only that her brother is starting high school this year. I can’t believe how quickly he’s grown up! Only seems like yesterday that he was in primary school, following Jenny around.

OMG. Next thing I know, Grace will be starting high school! But that won’t be for another 8 more years.

Mercy chimed in and said that she’s got a new man. Some guy named Demarco. He plays soccer for a local team which trains just down the road from her. That’s how they met. They’ve been talking for a while now, and they’ve met up a couple of times too. Unfortunately, she has to keep it on the down-low because her ex is still really obsessed with her.

Mercy is so mysterious. We all know about her ex-boyfriend, Isiah, but we didn’t know how much of a dick he was, until Mercy told us. He was apparently really protective of her, and wouldn’t let her talk to other guys, even if they were friends. She broke it off with him just before school finished last year, but he didn’t take it so well. She said that for a while, he started showing up randomly everywhere she went, and msging her nonstop. She was really freaked out about it. The sad thing is that it still hasn’t ended. It’s still happening. She told us the only reason she came today was because she missed us so much and she found out that he was on holidays in Bali. Otherwise she would have cancelled.

Poor Mercy. How scary!

I’m glad we only met Isiah once. He sounds like a total psycho! I hope that he leaves her alone soon. I would hate to be constantly looking over my shoulder to see whether or not my crazy ex-boyfriend was following me. I’m happy that she came out with us today, despite everything going on in her life. It probably wasn’t an easy decision. We all agreed that we are going to look out for Isiah, and protect her from his stalker ass.

Then it was my turn. I took a deep breath told them all about the Joshua situation. I got a range of reactions from everyone:

  • Firstly, they all agreed that Joshua still likes me. (Yay!)
  • Secondly, they were surprised to hear that he hasn’t asked me out, even though he said to Aaron that he was going to ask me out.
  • Thirdly, they all started hating on Joshua for being a coward and chickening out. (I was happy for the support, but the amount of bitchiness towards my crush really got to me. I don’t think people like it when the person they like is completely paid out right in front of them).
  • And fourthly, they told me not to msg Joshua until Aaron found out the whole story.

It’s nice to know that know that they have my back, and think exactly like me.

I love my friends.

After our D&M’s, we went looking around the shops. Some of the girls wanted to get clothes, so we went to Roads, Valleygirl and Waves. After the girls bought like, half the store, we went to Target so I could buy some makeup. I’ve decided that Covergirl is my favourite cosmetic brand at the moment. I bought this really nice blue mascara which you can only see in the right light. Otherwise, it just looks like normal black mascara. I got some eyeliner, eyeshadow, concealer and foundation. The girls helped me match the foundation to the colour of my skin. Goodbye Oompa Loompa face!

Then we went to Gelare! Half priced waffles? Yes please!

I got mine with cookies and cream ice-cream. Everyone ordered some waffles, except for Mercy. She said she was watching her figure. Aside from the fact that she made all of us feel guilty about shovelling waffles and icecream down our mouths, we all looked at each other in disbelief.

Total bullshit.

Like Mercy needs to watch what she eats! What a joke! She already has a hot body. I seriously doubt that 1 dessert is going to turn her into a fat lard. And the fact that she kept picking waffle pieces off our plates while we were eating meant she wasn’t really committed to her diet anyway. We headed over to ‘Leisure Island’ and got a Neoprint of all of us. The manager gave us a pair of scissors to cut them up and divide the print between us all. I put my section in my photo album when I got home. I love getting them. But it was a squeeze to get us all into the photo booth. I ended up sitting on Britt’s lap! So worth it though.

After our photoshoot, it was time to go home. But… something interesting happened. While we were waiting with Mercy at the bus stop for her bus to arrive to take her home, a group of guys arrived and sat on the brick wall behind us. One of them was full on staring at Amy. I elbowed Britt and Jenny and they turned around for a quick peek, but they saw us and started laughing. Lauren bravely turned around and started a conversation with one of them. We all got up to stand with them. Everyone went quiet. I think we were trying to suss each other out, if that makes any sense. They seemed ok. None of them were really attractive. Well, they weren’t to me anyway.

And then I noticed Amy staring at the same guy that was staring at her.

I nudged Britt and Jenny again and they saw it too. We all giggled. Mercy saw it too and “pushed” Amy into him!

OMG! The look on Amy’s face was priceless. She went bright red. He looked pretty embarrassed too. But hey, it got them talking. We could totally see the sparks flying between them, so we weren’t surprised when he asked for her phone number. I think we were all giggling by this point. None of us really cared that we were acting like a bunch of immature girls because we weren’t interested in any of them. Therefore, we didn’t need to impress them. Right?

Then the bus came. We said goodbye to Mercy and the group of guys and went back into the shopping centre. We pretty much interrogated Amy about her new guy. She was actually so shocked that she forgot to ask his name! We have decided to nickname him ‘Stare Guy’. Yeah. I know. So original. But I’m sure she will find out his name when he msgs her. But it’s pretty exciting. Normally it’s Mercy who gets the guys attention, but this time it was Amy. She totally deserves a guy though. It’s been ages since she’s had a boyfriend. And I think she really likes Stare Guy. And he seems nice from what we saw. I really hope that it works out with him.

Lauren was the first to be picked up. Then Amy. Then Jenny. Then it was just me and Britt. We had a bit of a chat about her becoming a half-sister once everyone else left. She seems a lot better, now that she has told us all about it. I think she will come to terms with it pretty soon. I even got the sense that she was borderline excited about being a big sister. Which is a good thing. Britt’s mum arrived soon after and I was dropped home.

Dad was literally opening the garage door when we rocked up. I said thankyou to Britt’s mum and went to help him take Grace out of the car. She smelled like day care. You know that smell? The one of Play Doh, food, sunscreen, and crayons. Gross.

I helped with dinner and after Grace had a bath, I read her a story. The rest of my night was pretty boring after that. I did try some of my new makeup out but I don’t want to waste it; it’s going to be a while until I can afford to buy any new stuff.

And I’ve only got 2 more days of this stupid internet ban left! That’s like, 48 hours. I’m going to have an early night so that Friday will come faster.

I miss you internet!

Amber A.


Where did you like to hang out as a teen? Share your answer in the comments below! 

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