Just Your Friendly Neighbourhood ‘Spiderman’

15th January 2004

I got stuck with Grace today. Mum needed to run some errands and get her hair done, so she asked me if I could look after her for most of the day. Unfortunately, I was still half asleep when she left, so really, I wasn’t asked at all. Not that I minded. Well, I did. But as if I really had a choice in the matter…

Yeah right.

She was actually really good today. We had breakfast. Ok. Grace had breakfast. I just watched and made sure that she didn’t make too much of a mess. The last thing I want to do is clean when I’m still half asleep. I put her in the loungeroom and turned on the TV. Teletubbies was on. OMG. It’s still around! I remember it being around when I was like, in year 5. It must be a good programme if they haven’t cancelled it. I have no idea why though. Laa-Laa always used to freak me out.

There’s seriously something wrong with the person who thought up the costumes. My guess is that they were probably on drugs.


Amy msged me at about 1pm, asking me to come over. She only lives about 4 streets away, so it’s not very far at all. And I thought that Grace would probably like to go for a walk too. It was only about 27 degrees Celsius too; the coolest it’s been all week. I put Grace in her pram, made sure she had her hat and sunscreen on, locked up the house and went to Amy’s house.

Oh yeah. And I told mum that I was going there. I do not want a repeat of last week, that’s for sure.

I definitely underestimated how hot 27 degrees was; I was full on sweating by the time I got to Amy’s place. She let us in and poured us some orange juice. There was no one home, except Amy. I could tell that she had some news – the huge smile on her face gave it away as soon as we walked through the door. Luckily, she had prepared a whole heap of colouring-in pages and pencils on the dining table to occupy Grace, so we could sit at the far end of the table and chat. Thoughtful huh.

I was pretty sure she had news about Stare Guy.

And I was right!

So, Stare Guy’s real name is Peter Parker.

I blinked a couple of times. I swear… isn’t that Spiderman’s real name? I thought it was a bit strange. I’m just going to put it down as a coincidence. I mean, there are like, 7 billion people in the world; some of them are bound to have the exact same name. Right? He msged her last night and asked for her email address so he could add her on MSN. Amy was completely beaming by this point. She said that they chatted until early this morning… and he asked her on a date!

She said yes.

They are going to the movies next Sunday.

I squealed! It’s pretty exciting; if anyone deserves a boyfriend, it’s Amy. She is so nice, and by far the easiest person out of my friends to talk to. I can always rely on her if I need help, or just someone to listen to my petty teenage drama issues. She is a friend for life. So yeah, I’m so happy to see her happy.

But then… the more she started telling me about Peter, the more shadier he sounded:

  1. He lives in Armadale. That’s a lonnnnng way south-east from here. AND it’s a very dodgy area.
  2. He wouldn’t tell her what high school he goes to. This could mean either he’s not in high school anymore (which is fine, it just means he’s over 16 and can legally leave school), or he doesn’t want her to know for some reason…
  3. He doesn’t have Myspace. EVERYONE has Myspace! So dodgy!

Red flag, red flag red flag!

But I can’t tell Amy that. I just smiled and went along with it. I did tell her to be careful though. I said that she should try and find out a little more about him before meeting up for their date. And then she got a bit defensive. So I dropped it and changed the subject. I didn’t want to fight with her. I was just looking out for her, you know?

We talked about the girls, my situation with Joshua (again) and Amy’s life in general. Grace started to get a bit restless, so we went to the park opposite Amy’s house before we headed home. I gave Amy a hug and asked her to keep me in the loop about her and Peter. I definitely don’t want to miss out on any gossip with those two. Only because I think Peter is dodgy. I did manage to get his email address from her before I left, but I haven’t added him on MSN yet. She said I could, but I have to wait until tomorrow to do it.

Only 1 more day! This internet ban has been so frustrating; mum seriously doesn’t know how much it’s affecting my life! Once we got home, I gave Grace a snack and put her in front of the TV again. Play School was on. Simon Burke looks pretty good for his age. He was on the show when I was in primary school. Good on him! I just I did some drawings while I waited for mum to get home.

Mum was in a really good mood when she got home. She even bought some chocolate croissants for us. But her hair… well, I complemented her, even though it looked hell bad.

Think tiger stripes. But short. And on a bob.


Sometimes, I really don’t know what goes through her head. I don’t know why she thought it would even look good. Even dad said that it looked weird.

Orange is so not her colour.

She got really mad at dad and refused to make dinner. She’s still in a shitty mood. Hopefully it doesn’t spill over into tomorrow.

I am dying to get back on the net.

Amber A.


Have you ever encountered a ‘dodgy’ person? What happened? Feel free to share your experience below!

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