Big Kid At Heart

19th January 2004

It was great getting out of the house today. Adrian called me up and said that he was going to Toys R Us to get a present for Jessica, his little cousin and asked if I wanted to come.

Umm… hell yes!

I love toy stores. I’m such a big kid. Really. There’s just something about walking into that store and seeing toys galore stacked high on shelves, and children running around with the biggest smiles on their faces… it’s so infectious. But most of all, I love seeing what all the new crazes are – I have to keep up with the latest trends so that Grace loves me even more and I’ll be the best sister ever! Ok, I’m her only sister, but I still want to be the best. Lol.

Mrs Petrovich picked me up from my house and I sat in the back with Dylan and Sarah. Adrian was in the front, so he turned around and said hello. I didn’t realise that they were all going. Not that I minded, of course. It was good to catch up with Sarah. She’s always out with her friends, so I never really see her when I visit Adrian.

Dylan, on the other hand, is always at home, but just completely addicted to PlayStation. I don’t bother trying to talk to him anymore because he’s deadest trying so hard to land skateboarding tricks on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. I have to admit, he is really good. And it’s pretty interesting to watch. I wish I could skateboard. I’d be like, the coolest girl at school if I could. Well, maybe not the coolest, but I’d definitely stand out…

I wish I was popular. Like, I’m not unpopular and my group isn’t unpopular, we’re just somewhere in the middle of the high school social hierarchy. But Mercy is the most popular out of all of us. She could easily leave us and sit with the popular people if she wanted to. She’s gorgeous, mysterious and knows how to manipulate people.

But… she hasn’t left us.

And, as much as we all get jealous of her from time to time, Mercy has never abandoned us. And I have to admire that. I guess that’s why she’s pretty much our group leader. Every group has one. We all gravitate towards her. Even if we don’t want to.

We got to the toy store. OMG! Sooooo many toys! I found myself walking down the Lego aisle, choosing what sets I wanted to buy. With money. Which I don’t have. For my non-existent child.

Yeah. Let’s go with that.


The Petrovich’s decided to buy a Dora The Explorer doll for Jessica. And I ended up buying Uno. But I actually regret buying it now. I have no one to play with, unless I have people over. Grace is too young to understand the rules and mum and dad are never really home at the same time to play with me. What I actually should have bought was some more Lip Smackers – my Cotton Candy one is pretty much finished now. And it’s my favourite flavour!

Mrs Petrovich dropped me home and I asked Adrian to hang out with me for a little while. I needed to ask him some questions. Without him realising I was actually asking him for information.

What kind of information?

Information I can use for revenge.

Adrian knows so much about soap operas so I asked him about what ones he watches… aside from Bold and the Beautiful and Passions.

Andddd there were a lot.

Young and the Restless, Day of Our Lives, Home and Away, to name a few. I don’t even know how he manages to find the time to watch them all! ANYWAY, I asked him what the best revenge storylines were. Unfortunately, soapie stories are wayyyy too dramatic and totally unrealistic, so it didn’t really help me that much. At first.

But it got me thinking. Maybe it didn’t need to be over the top. And considering Joshua is a bit of a country boy (I use that term loosely), the drama probably wouldn’t even affect him. Or he just wouldn’t get it. Plus, as if I had the network to set up something so elaborate in the first place.

I asked Adrian a hypothetical question: if we were in a soapie and he found out the person he loved completely fucked him over, how would he get revenge?

He did raise an eyebrow, as if he knew something was up with me, but he didn’t say anything. It took him a while to reply, but he said that pretty much anything out of a teen movie would probably work. He talked about ‘She’s All That’ and how the boys made a bet to bed Laney and ended up completely humiliating her.

Bingo! Movie marathon! Teen movie marathon. With the girls. Yes!

I must have had the biggest grin on my face because Adrian asked me why I was suddenly interested in teen drama. I lied and told him that I was thinking about writing a book on a crazy high school girl who wanted revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

Ok. It was half true. I’m not that crazy.


But it worked. Adrian bought it. He said not to make it too cliché, otherwise people wouldn’t read it. Well, duh! Cliché is boring anyway. So now I need to organise a sleepover and hire out some movies from Video Ezy. Only problem is… I don’t have a membership card. I might go to the library tomorrow and see if they have any decent DVD’s. If not, I will have to see if any of the girls have a Video Ezy card. And if worse gets to worse… I’ll ask Adrian if I can use his card.

I hope it doesn’t come to that. I’m not ready to tell him yet!

Amber A.


Do you think that Amber is overreacting? Drop a comment below!


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