Pushing Peter Parker

20th January 2004

Last night, I spoke to the girls in MSN group chat. Mercy was the only person who wasn’t on, so I’m just about to msg her and let her know that the sleepover is on! It’s happening Friday night. So excited!

I told the girls that it’s going to be a movie marathon and luckily Britt has a Video Ezy membership card, so we are going to go there on Friday afternoon and pick out the movies. And the lollies. And popcorn. Can’t forget popcorn! I’ve already told them that it’s going to be all about teen movies, so they all have to choose a movie each to watch. I’ve already chosen ‘She’s All That’, only because Adrian mentioned it yesterday, and it was the first thing that popped into my head. Jenny chose ‘Pretty in Pink’ and Britt wants to watch ‘Cruel Intentions’. Lauren and Amy didn’t know what movie they wanted, so they are going to msg me when they have decided. I hope they don’t tell me last minute!

Lauren and I had a separate chat while we were organising the sleepover. Oops. I totally forgot to call her. She wanted to know if I was ok.

Lauren: U ok? Haven’t heard frm u in 2 days! guy_hug

Me: Yeah. I’m ok girl_hug

Lauren: Aaron n I feel bad. I hope u dun hate him sad_smile

Me: Wat? NO! Y wud I hate him? He did me a favour lol shades_smile.gif

Lauren: Really? omg_smile.gif

Me: Dodged a bullet lol regular_smile

Lauren: Ohhh… ok regular_smile

Me: Wat? sarcastic_smile.gif

Lauren: Nothing. I’m jus surprised ur takin it so well dontknow_smile.gif

Me: Well, so am I regular_smile

Yup. So am I. Heh heh heh.

There’s no way I can tell Lauren I’m trying to plot revenge. OMG. I just read that back. It makes me sound so evil. I swear I’m not!

Lets try this again.


There’s no way I can tell Lauren that I’m planning a little pay back. I do trust her, but like, I just know she will tell Aaron and then it’ll get back to Joshua. Then, my plan would be ruined before it even took off! No. I think the less people who know. The better. I’ve decided not to tell any of the girls either. Just like Lauren, I love and trust them but… something will eventually slip. It always does.

For the rest of our convo, Lauren just talked about her and Aaron. Aaron this, Aaron that. Blah, blah, blah. Apparently, he said that he’s liked her since year 8 Maths. Awwww! He’s so sweet! I wish I had a guy like that…

I also had a chance to talk to the mysterious Peter Parker. I added him a couple of days ago, but I’ve been so distracted by the whole Joshua thing I haven’t really been online. Like, I have been online. But I was offline. Like a ghost. I didn’t want people to know I was on, even though actually I was. Amy told me that everyone else has added him, and that they think he’s really nice.

Unfortunately, that’s NOT how he came across to me.

Me: Hey regular_smile

Peter: hey

Me: how ru?

Peter: gud. Umm who am I talkin’ to?

Me: Oh lol! I’m 1 of Amy’s frens. I’m Amber regular_smile

Peter: Ohhhh yeah ok, another Amy fren. Nice to meet u.

Another Amy friend? WTH! He should be lucky to even be talking to us! Wayyy too casual for my liking.

Me: so wat skool do u go to?

Peter: umm, y?

Me: jus makin’ conversation regular_smile

Peter: k. umm, LSHS.

Me: hmm… Lesmurdie?

Peter: yup. I’m a hillbilly. Lol

Something was not adding up. He was being a bit defensive, and the information Amy told me about him seemed even more suss.

Me: …but Amy told me u live in Armadale? LSHS is hell far from there…

Peter: Oh. I transferred. I’m startin yr 12 up there.

Me: Wow! On a scholarship or program?

Peter: no

Me: Oh ok regular_smile well that’s cool neways. ru excited?

Peter: its skool…

Me: that’s true lol so wat skool did u used to go 2?

Peter: Armadale. Obviously.

Rude! So rude! Omg I have no idea what Amy sees in him! I seriously wanted to block him, but I needed to get a little more information.

Me: Soooo, Amy told me u guys r goin on a date next Sun? regular_smile

Peter: Yeah

Me:so wat movie ru gonna see? regular_smile

Peter: dunno

Me:oh ok. well, I hope u guys have a gud time regular_smile she really likes you, you know

Peter: I know wink_smile

Me: sarcastic_smile

Peter: I dun need the 3rd degree from u. U dun even know me

Me: omg_smile you put a winky face – wat am I meant to think? I’m jus lookin out for Amy

Peter: I get that. But she a big gurl. U dun need to protect her frm me

I was getting really frustrated by this point.

Me: do u even like her? 

Peter: yeah. She aiight regular_smile

Aight? Wait a sec. Alright? Is that all?

OMG. I just wanted to grab his head and bang it against the keyboard! He would be SO lucky to have Amy as a girlfriend. She is wayyy better than him!

Me: k well nice talkin to u. I gtg bye

I closed the chat and blocked him. I couldn’t stand talking to him anymore.

Peter Parker is sooooo dodgy. Seriously, why would he go to a high school up in the hills, when he lives so far away? It’s like, 50 minutes away in peak hour traffic. He’s not in any special program or scholarship, and there are like 5 other high schools which are much closer. I feel like he has an ulterior motive. But…

Wait a second!

Lewis goes to Armadale! And he’s starting year 12 this year! He’d be able to tell me once and for all if this guy is for real. But he wasn’t online tonight!


I sent him a quick offline msg and gave him my phone number. I just really wanted answers. I don’t want Amy going out with a guy who’s like, lying about himself. Well, I know I haven’t confirmed it, but I’m like, 100% sure he’s not who he says he is. Amy really likes him for some weird reason, and I don’t want to see her get hurt. But at the same time, I don’t want her to think I’m meddling with her love life. Which is why I’m not going to say anything until I’ve got the full story.

I really hope that Lewis can help me.

Otherwise, no one can.

Amber A.


Do you think there’s something not quite right about Peter Parker? Have you ever been in the same situation? Would love to hear about your experience below.

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