Spiderman’s Identity Revealed

22nd January 2004

Mercy can’t come tomorrow! She said that she has a family thing on. Oh well, at least everyone else is coming. Amy also msged me and said that she can’t decide on a movie, but considering we already have 4 movies lined up, it’s probably more than enough. Lol.

Speaking of Amy… Lewis got back to me too. It’s not good. He msged me around midday and asked me to come on MSN tonight (he had work today – I still don’t know what he does!). I swear, waiting all day for information on Peter Parker was not fun.

I made lunch… while thinking about Peter Parker.

I watched TV… while thinking about Peter Parker.

I hung out with Adrian… while thinking about Peter Parker.

I even had a shower… while thinking about bloody Peter Parker!

He’s not even my boyfriend!

It drove me NUTS, not being able to think about anything else, especially since I have other important things to do. I have to prepare and make food for the sleepover tomorrow. That means, walking up to the shops and getting snacks, as well as baking some cupcakes and negotiating organising dinner with mum and dad (we want pizza!). And also, create a plan of attack with Grace. She will definitely want to be part of the sleepover and will most likely get on people’s nerves, so I have to make sure that she’s distracted enough so that she won’t annoy us.

So much to do – so little time. It’s less than 24 hours now.

So yeah, back to Peter Parker. The conversation with Lewis was sadly interesting.

Lewis: hey regular_smile

Me: hey regular_smile

Lewis: how r u? regular_smile

Me: gewd. urselfregular_smile

Lewis: yeh gd regular_smile

Me: kool regular_smile

Lewis: kool regular_smile

OMG. Déjà vu much?

Me: how was wrk?

Lewis: eh, the usual. Hot, borin and long sad_smile

Me: Oh sad_smile wat do u do agen?

Lewis: Trolli boi wink_smile

Trolley boy. Interesting. I can see him doing that. It’s not an easy job. Especially in Summer. You would need some serious stamina and heat tolerance to walk around a carpark all day and collect random trolleys, then push like 100 of them into a shopping centre. No wonder he is bigger than most of the guys I know; he’s probably got heaps of muscle!

Me: cool regular_smile

Lewis: it ok. pays a lot. Esp for sum1 my age. regular_smile got more hrs coz it skool hols so im makin heaps

Me: cool regular_smile

Lewis: so I had a look thru my old yr books for Peter Parker. cudn’t find him…

My heart sank. Peter Parker is a fake!

Me: I see…

Lewis: I try add him on MSN 2. Bt I already gt him.

Wait. What?

Me: wtf?! what_smile.gif

Lewis: yeh. He name is Dan Flanders.

Dan Flanders? What the hell? I’ve never heard of him. I don’t think any of us have heard that name before…

Me: ok…

Lewis: he a loser Amber. Ur fren shud drop him thumbs_up.gif

Me: y is he a loser?

Lewis: his group do dumb shit. he a pyro he a lit fire in the boys toilet at skool an got expelled.

Me: then y do u have his MSN?

Lewis: he used to get tease like me coz his name like Flanders off the Simpsons lol. so we know each otha thru dat. then he jus got mixed up with stupid ppl an now he tellin every1 he Peter Parker. he got issues.

Me: sad_smile

Poor Amy! She needed to know. What a total loser! Seriously? Who does that? Does Peter Dan think that she’s just some stupid girl? I can’t believe that all of us wanted her to go out with him in the first place. I feel like such a bad friend. If it wasn’t for that spark I saw between them, this wouldn’t have happened.

Amy was online tonight. I started up a conversation with her and told her I had something that I needed to tell her. She seemed like she was on cloud 9. Then, I added Lewis to the conversation. He was a bit confused at first, but I told him to tell her what he told me.

The 3-way conversation went a lot better than expected. I actually thought that Amy would end up blocking me for interfering or something, but she was really understanding. She thanked Lewis and ended up telling us both that she suspected something wasn’t right with him either. Then she said bye and went offline.

I knew Amy was upset. I mean, she’s been talking to Pet Dan for like, the past week and a bit. Who knows what she’s told him about her and stuff. I really hope he’s not as psycho as what Lewis has said, because she might be in a lot of trouble if she dumps him. Not that they were going out or anything. But some guys do not react well to rejection.

I feel really bad. Not just for not trusting her judgement, but for how she’s probably feeling right now. It sucks. It hurts a lot. We are in the same boat, believe it or not.

Joshua Wilson and Dan Flanders. The guys we were totally crushing on… are not the guys we thought they were.

Amber A.


Do you think that Amber was right to investigate Dan Flanders? Or should she have let Amy discover the truth for herself? Let me know your thoughts below 🙂  

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