Judging Amy

25th January 2004

Two things happened today which pissed me off.

1. Work.

Larry wasn’t lying when he said that it was going to be busy. He called up dad this morning to ask if I could come in 2 hours earlier, so like 10am! Dad didn’t even bother to ask me, he just came into my room while I was having a real nice dream and told me that we were leaving in 40 minutes.

Like, who does he think he is?

Making decisions about my life? My work? I was so mad at him that I didn’t talk to him the whole ride to work.

I was in such a rush that I didn’t even get a chance to do my hair and makeup properly, so it looked really gross. And Michael was there! I hadn’t seen him in ages, so I didn’t recognise him without his braces on. We both have the same problem – an Asian jaw and Western teeth. I have to wait another year before my braces come off. But I don’t mind because I know they will look sooooo good once my teeth are perfectly straight.

And I’ll be able to chew gum again!


Michael waved at me and said hello when I put my bag up in the store room. He has shot up heaps; he’s nearly as tall as Larry. Still has the same face though – he looks so much like his mum. But he looks way more Asian than me though. It works for him though. Larry tells me all the time that there are girls always chasing after him. But he has a girlfriend now, so I hope he’s not a player.

I didn’t really get a chance to have a good chat to Michael because it was so busy. The Ocean liner was docked nearby, so all the tourists were sightseeing! There were a lot of them who came in for lunch, but I couldn’t understand them properly. I just stood there like a complete idiot, trying to work out what they were saying to me. Luckily, they spoke some broken English, so I could piece together what they wanted from me. Still, it was sooooo annoying having to stop like, every 2 minutes because they couldn’t find the cutlery, or needed a serviette.

Then, on top of things, I ended up staying until 5pm! So I worked like, 7 hours! My feet hurt so much. I’m so happy that I’m not working Australia Day – I don’t think I could do it! Michael is doing a 4 hour shift tomorrow though. Larry said that he needs the money so he can buy a car. In fact, he’s working with me until further notice.

Nepotism at it’s finest. Ugh.

Larry decided that it would be a good idea for Michael to drive us all home. He’s not a bad driver, I must admit. He pays way more attention to the road than Larry, that’s for sure. I’ve actually been in the car with him when he’s gone through red lights, left his indicator on, and tailgated a truck. It’s fucking scary shit! Michael can drive me home any day over Larry. I really hope he gets his P-plates soon.

2. Amy.

Aside from work being completely crazy and driving me nuts, I just found out that Amy went on her date with Ned Flanders after all!


After everything she knows about him – after everything I found out about him – she still went out with him!

Britt was chatting to me on MSN and she told me everything. Amy met up with Dan at the movies and afterwards they went and got some ice-cream. Then… they made out! What a slut! Now, she likes him even more. Aaaannnd hates me at the moment.

Why? Apparently, Amy is pissed at me because I’ve like, ‘lectured’ her about ‘going out with strangers’.

Like, wtf? Seriously? WTF?

I have not, under any circumstances, done that. At ALL! Sure, I didn’t like the fact she wanted to go out with a shady guy, but I never ‘lectured’ her. I’m so pissed at her now. Obviously she doesn’t care about how much effort I’ve gone through to get her information.

Dumb bitch.

Amy is just asking for trouble. I already know it’s going to end badly. If she wants to hang around with a loser, then fine. When shit hits the fan between her and Dan, my care factor will be 0.

I’m not looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. It’s going to be uber weird.

Amber A.


Have you ever been in a similar situation? Let me know in the comments below!

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