Amy’s Apology

28th January 2004

I am happy to report that Amy and I are friends again! Yay! Well, technically we never fell out, but we are talking to each other, which is the main thing. Amy came over randomly this afternoon to ‘talk’. She was lucky; I had just got home from visiting Adrian before she knocked on the front door.

Before I forget to mention it, you know that job Adrian was hoping to get at his uncle’s record store? Well… he got it! He was like, over the moon when I saw him. He was trying to work out how to get there…

The record store is in Melville.

It’s pretty far for someone that doesn’t have a driver’s licence. At least it’s south of the river, and not up north! That would be way worse to commute to. He worked out that he’ll have to catch 2 buses to get there if his parents can’t take him. Still, a job is a job, and he is so happy to have it.

Ok, so back to Amy. I had to peek through the curtains to see who it was – mum would kill me if I opened the door without checking first. Amy was standing there… with a packet of rainbow strips! She said that she was just going for a walk and thought she’d stop by and say hello on the way back from the deli.

That was fine. Except it was like 35 degrees Celsius. And the deli is in the opposite direction of my house.

I let her in anyway. I wanted to know what she had to say. Ok, I lie. I wanted a rainbow strip.

We sat at the dining table and she just burst into tears. I grabbed some tissues and gave them to her. Then, she apologised for crying and told me how bad she felt about Australia Day.

Well, no shit! I’d feel bad too! But I could tell she really, really meant it.

Amy literally spilled her guts out to me. She started with her date with Dan. She felt she deserved an explanation for all the lies, which is why she decided to go, despite what everyone else had told her about him. And you know what? Fair call. That idea never crossed my mind until she told me through all her sobbing…

She told me that she confronted Dan about everything that she had found out about him. She called him Dan and apparently he freaked out real bad. She didn’t need to ask him anything else; he completely caved and explained that he’s really embarrassed about his name, and that he was worried people would Google him and all the articles about him being a pyromaniac would come up. He told her that it’s happened before and he hasn’t been able to live it down. He apologised and said that he’d be truthful with her from now on.

Then… Amy asked him about the pyromaniac stuff. Dan said that wasn’t true either. He said that his friends used him as a scapegoat for the fire they lit and then ditched him.

I was shocked! They obviously weren’t his friends to begin with! But it was all making sense. No wonder he was so rude to me; he probably gets the 3rd degree from everyone and is sick of it. My stomach started to feel funny. I knew what it was.


I have totally misjudged Dan Flanders! Amy said that he moved to Lesmurdie Senior High School to start fresh, where nobody knows him. He couldn’t go to Kelmscott Senior High School (the nearest school next to Armadale Senior High School) because they would know him there, so a school in the hills looked like the best option at the time. He starts there this year. And he’s really nervous. I don’t blame him. I imagine it would be hard to run away or hide from your past. I guess he just wants to be a normal teenager again. Amy said that he was really nice and talkative and they had a lot in common, which is why they decided to continue to see each other.

And as for Australia Day? Amy said he felt like he was being judged all over again. He thought Marisol’s friend was making fun of people from Armadale and then Marisol’s friend indirectly mentioned the ‘pyro’ incident that they had heard about from another friend who went to Kelmscott SHS. Dan freaked out once again, but reacted very badly. In his words, he called it ‘fight or flight’. But he chose the wrong one. Unfortunately.

Amy said he left straight after the fight and she’s only heard from him once since Aus Day. He told her that he needed to get some stitches above his eye, and that he’s sorry for his behaviour and for embarrassing her. I asked her what she was planning to do next. But… she wouldn’t tell me. I don’t think she even knows herself.

It’s a tough decision. I bet her head is telling her to dump him, but her heart is telling her to stick with it. On one side she probably feels like he has been a victim and wants to look after and believe in him. But on the other side, she’s worried that he’s going to cause more trouble down the track.

Well, whatever she chooses to do, I will be there for her.

Then, Amy saved the best until last. She handed me a rainbow strip and apologised for not telling me that Dan was coming on Australia Day. She admitted that she was really annoyed with me, but now she realises that I was just looking out for her. Well duh! Apparently, she realised that when Dan started the fight with Demarco. It scared her, and she saw just how unstable Dan can be if he feels like he’s being judged.

Amy ended up giving me the whole bag of rainbow strips before she left. She said she was going to walk over to Britt’s house and apologise to her too, and call Jenny, Lauren and Mercy to say sorry to them as well. I told her that that’s a really good idea and to let me know how it goes. I waved goodbye and locked the front door.

And that was pretty much my whole day. I started practising piano today too. I haven’t touched it since Christmas Day. I am so bad – Mrs Yeo is going to kill me!

Amber A.


Have you ever misjudged someone? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. 2e0mca

    Very interesting read. We all make judgements of other people all of the time, even when we are long past our teens. As we grow older we learn to more readily question our judgements and adapt them as we get to know a person better. Perhaps its best summed up – as a teenager everything is black and white – as an old person everything is multiple shades of grey 😉 Good luck with your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amberafter

      Completely agree with you; as a teen, everything is so extreme. It’s pretty interesting to read about a mindset that a lot of us have been through, and be able to reflect on it using those multiple shades of grey isn’t it? Thankyou so much for sharing your thoughts – you’ve honestly brightened my day 💗

      Liked by 1 person

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