The MSN Addy

29th January 2004

So today, I’ve decided not to bother trying to get revenge on Joshua. I’m a big believer in Karma, and as the saying goes, what goes around, comes around. Plus, I haven’t been able to think of anything which could emotionally hurt him in the way that he hurt me. I mean, I could play a prank on him but he’s a guy; but he’ll probably know what’s coming before I’ve even taken the first step. Or, I could try to make him jealous, but it’s pretty obvious that he’s over me, so that wouldn’t work anyway… and I’d have to find someone who would want to go out with me and be in on it too. I did consider humiliating him in front of the whole school, but I’m not popular enough to pull that off. And I don’t think I’ve got the guts to do that to him anyway.

So yeah. I give up. I’m going to leave it to fate.

But you know what? Ever since Australia Day, I’ve felt a little bit better about the whole Joshua situation. I feel like I’ve calmed down to the point that I can think a lot more clearly now. I was that happy today that I even offered to take Grace to the park while dad made dinner. I don’t do that, like, ever. But I really wanted to go outside and spend some time with her and play with her on the playground, just to forget about being a teenager for a while. And I really enjoyed it. Well, I didn’t like the sand in-between my toes but everything else was pretty good.

And it got even better once I got on MSN. A certain someone added me!

Yeah. Taj added me tonight.


I wasn’t sure when he sent the friend request, so I waited about 30 minutes until I accepted. It was a waste of time anyway. He’s been afk all night. Even when I got off the net, I hadn’t heard anything from him, and I wasn’t about to start a chat window with him.

No. He added me and I added him back, so the ball is in his court.

I wonder what kept him from his computer for 4 hours? Maybe he was watching a movie, or forgot to turn his computer off… who knows.

Omg. Sudden thought – how the hell did he get my email address?! I didn’t give it to him, and we don’t have any friends in common, except Jenny. No. She wouldn’t have given it to him, without telling me first… right? But, she could have… she has a way of doing the wrong thing but never gets in trouble for it. No joke, we could have a screaming match at each other at school and I would get all the blame for it. Lol.

OK, so I just msged Jenny. She said she didn’t give it to him. Damnit! I’m seriously curious now! Coz like, Mercy doesn’t know him, and Marisol and her friends don’t know me and don’t talk to Taj, so it can’t be them. Britt, Lauren and Amy don’t know him either, so that rules them out too.

I hate guessing games!

And it’s going to bug me for days because I won’t be on tomorrow night. We are going to see Steph… it’s her birthday. And I have to go buy her a present. I don’t even know what she likes! I wish mum had told me earlier, like this morning because I could have gone to the shops today, instead of having to go tomorrow. Sooooo annoying!

Now I have to brainstorm and figure out what I’m going to get Steph for her 17th birthday.


Amber A.


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