Steph’s Bitchy Birthday

30th January 2004

Mum gets on my nerves sometimes! I woke up uber early and got ready so that I could ask mum if she could drop me off at the shops on her way to work. She said no.


The shops are literally on her way to work! Ok, well maybe they were a slight detour from her work, but it wasn’t as if it was an hour’s drive in the opposite direction. I was so annoyed. Then, she told me that she could drop me at the shops next to Grace’s day-care because she was heading that way instead.

Uh – no thanks!

I need a shopping centre, not an ugly, run down shopping complex that doesn’t have proper air con. It was like, 40 degrees today. There was no way that I was going anywhere that didn’t have aircon. Mum left pretty quickly with Grace after our conversation, so I decided to call Adrian and ask if he wanted to come with me. He was still sleeping, but he answered the phone and said that he’d come with me.


We left my place around 10.30am and walked down to the bus stop. I was sooooo hot by the time we got there, and what’s worse is that they took down the bus shelter for some stupid reason! The bus finally showed up and Adrian and I got on at sat at the rear. It’s weird for us, because even though we catch the bus home from school, we never get to sit at the back. The back seat is always reserved for the ‘cool kids’ at school, so when the opportunity rises to sit there – we take it!

The novelty wore off pretty quickly for Adrian and I – it smelt like piss and BO.


Our journey was really bumpy, so once we got off we headed into the shopping centre and bought some milkshakes. Sooooo good. We walked around the shops and Adrian kept picking up random things that he thought my cousin would like. But… they were all too ‘girly’.


I swear, Steph is the hardest person to buy for! I eventually found a store which sold like, all spiritual crap and it had an awesome photo frame which had black and silver swirls around it. I thought it looked Emo enough, so I bought it and then Adrian and I got some lunch.

I told him about Australia Day and Amy and Dan and Marisol and her friends. Funnily, Adrian said that he wasn’t surprised that Dan got upset – apparently, Marisol’s friends always joke around and don’t realise that they offend people sometimes. Oh yeah, I forgot that Adrian was in the same year as them. But he also said that Dan’s response was pretty extreme and he shouldn’t have gotten physical. He said if your first response is to hit someone when you’re mad, then you’re not good at controlling your temper, and that can be dangerous.

He’s totally right! Like, I didn’t even think about it until he said it. And then I thought about Amy. What if she decides to date him? What if she says something he doesn’t like? What would he do?

BUT… she did say it was only a defence mechanism to escape his past, so surely, he wouldn’t be aggressive with her… right?

Then, Adrian hit me! He said that had I zoned out. Lol. Oops.

He also asked me if anything else interesting happened on Aus Day.

I said no.

There’s no point mentioning Taj just yet. Like, I would like to tell him all about it, but knowing that they are in the same year, I don’t think I want to know what Adrian knows about him, if that makes any sense. I doubt that Taj is an idiot, but I think hearing something like that from Adrian would seriously have an impact on me.

I quickly changed the subject and asked him about his Australia Day instead. Omg, he met someone too! Someone called Sam. He went to his uncle’s place in South Perth and Sam’s family are his neighbours. He said he hung out with Sam for most of the night and they exchanged phone numbers! He said that Sam goes to Como Senior High School, because it was the closest public high school to South Perth (Sam’s parent’s couldn’t afford to send him to the private schools in the area, unfortunately). I’m really excited for him; in all the time I’ve known him, he hasn’t been interested in anyone. I hope I get to meet this ‘Sam’ person real soon!

We caught the bus back home and Adrian hung out at my place while I wrapped Steph’s present. He bought a couple of CD’s from Sanity, so we were listening to them while chatting away. But… as much as I enjoy spending time with him, I actually just wanted him to go home so I could go on MSN and see if Taj was on. I kept hinting at it but Adrian didn’t get it. Luckily, dad came home early with Grace, so I said that I have to get her ready for Steph’s party because mum will only have like, 15 minutes to get ready in once she gets home from work.

Ok yeah, I lied. But, it was half true. And besides, we are going to hang out tomorrow so it’s not as if I’m not going to be seeing him for ages.

I hopped on MSN. He wasn’t on.

*Sad face*

I don’t know if I’ll ever talk to him! Grr!

I just passed the time by watching TV with Grace and drawing, as usual. I swear, I think I know too much about kids shows. I can name all the machines in Bob the Builder, and recite pretty much all the songs on Play School. You’d think that’s awesome, right?

No, it’s just sad.

So sad.

Dad asked me to give Grace a bath and dress her up for the party. So, by the time I had gotten her ready, mum came home. She literally came through the house like a hurricane! 15 minutes later, she was dressed and ready to go. That’s one of the things I love about mum. She doesn’t have to put that much effort in and she still looks amazing. Whereas me? I need help from heaps of makeup to look half as pretty as her.

Genetics suck!

Thanks dad.

10 minutes later, we were on the freeway, stuck in peak hour traffic. But as always, I had my Discman, so it wasn’t too bad. Mum, on the other hand, was getting angry at dad because we were going to be late. It’s not his fault though. Mum just takes out her frustration on him. I seriously don’t know how dad puts up with it. I know I wouldn’t…

We eventually got through the traffic, but then we didn’t turn off at the right exit. Turns out, we weren’t going to Steph’s place at all – we were going to a restaurant!


I was sooooo annoyed! I would have brought my Gameboy if that was the case! Steph and I always play on it when we go out somewhere. I bet that’s why they didn’t tell me in the first place! I was not impressed.

We pulled into the cinema complex at Innaloo. It’s looks a lot different from what I remember it. For one thing, it’s a different colour. But maybe that’s because I’ve only gone there during the day. It also looked a lot bigger. I was pretty excited though; a new place is always exciting. Lol.

We walked in and saw everyone standing out the front of Han’s Café. Even auntie Nita and uncle Donald had come up from Rockingham. The night was getting even better! Han’s Café is the BEST! Steph had invited a couple of friends; 1 of them I recognised from the New Year’s party. I said hello and gave Steph my present.

She… liked it?

Well, she smiled when she opened it. That’s a good sign I think. It’s hard to tell with her when she’s happy about something. She said thankyou and we sat down at a long table that was reserved for us. Steph said that this was her mum’s idea. I thought that might be the case. Auntie Jocelyn is really good at organising get togethers. But Steph said that afterwards we were going to go to Timezone.


I LOVE Timezone! I love getting the tickets and buying little toys and the Heartbeat candies… *drools*

All the teens sat at one end of the table, and my family and relatives sat at the other end. We were having a banquet, so I didn’t get to choose my favourite dish; Japanese chicken rice. But it was still pretty good; there was fried rice so at least I didn’t starve. Steph’s friends didn’t seem very impressed though. They just looked at the food with weird faces. I think… they may not have had Chinese food before… I’m not entirely sure though. But once they got over what the food looked like and actually tasted it, they like, gobbled it up.

The conversation wasn’t as good though. Just like on NYE, I didn’t really understand what Steph and her friends were talking about. I did try and piece it all together, but I gave up because it was just too hard. I mean, I even asked her friends some questions, but I was pretty much ignored, or they were just really short with me. So, I just sat there and msged anyone and everyone, so that I didn’t look like a loser. It was going well… until I ran out of credit!

*Cry face*

I have to wait until tomorrow to get credit from the newsagency. I swear, I only bought credit, like, 2 days ago. So annoying.

When the banquet was over, Steph, her friends, and I went over to Timezone. Grace got really upset when she saw us leaving, so mum said I had to bring her too. Normally, this would annoy the shit out of me, but since Steph and her friends weren’t really talking to me, I was happy for her to come along. Mum gave me some extra money too, so that was a bonus, considering Grace didn’t know how to play half the games anyway lol. More tickets for me!

Steph bought us all Timezone cards (thanks to auntie Jocelyn) and we pretty much split up and did our own thing. I showed Grace around the arcade and she chose a couple of games she wanted to play. I had to tell her she couldn’t do the racing ones because she was too small, so we played the more simpler games.

It was really cute though. Grace’s eyes lit up when she saw how many tickets she had earned. She worked out pretty quickly where the tickets come from too, so once she finished playing, she stood in front of it and pulled them out.

We were having such a good time… until I got lucky.

There’s a new game called ‘Stop the Clock’, and there’s a buzzer that you have to press down on 1000. It counts upwards from 0, so you’ve got to have good timing, reflexes and a bit of luck. And if you hit 1000?

Well, you win 500 tickets.

I thought I’d give it a shot and… I won.

I won!

The game started going off; alarms were sounding and Grace was jumping up and down screaming in excitement. The tickets started to come out. And they just kept going. And going. And going! Steph and her friends came over. I thought they were going to congratulate me, but they just stood there looking really unimpressed. All the family must have heard Grace screaming because they all came into Timezone to see what had happened. I told mum and dad that I won the jackpot! They looked pretty shocked and just watched as Grace kept pulling the tickets out of the machine. Then, I saw Steph whisper something to her mum, and then stormed off with her friends.


I was really confused. Auntie Jocelyn then started talking to mum and auntie Nita in Cebuano with a frown on her face. Dad and I just looked at each other. We had no idea what was going on. Grace was oblivious to everything, as usual. She was trying to gather up all the tickets because they had finally finished coming out.

I saw auntie Jocelyn walk off and then mum turned towards me with a frustrated look on her face.

“Darl, I think it’s best that you give your tickets to Steph,” Mum said softly.

Wait. What? WTF?!

“No way! I won them fair and square!” I said angrily.

“I know, but it’s your cousin’s birthday, so you should let her have them.”

Again, WTF?! They were my tickets! I won them! And I don’t care if it’s her birthday; she’s been a bit of a bitch to me all night! She hasn’t spoken to me and hasn’t included me in anything and she didn’t bloody congratulate me on winning the tickets in the first place, so why should she get my tickets even though it’s her birthday?! I was furious.

“She’s been mean to me all night-”

“I’m sure if it was your birthday and she won those tickets, you’d want her to share them with you,” Dad cut in.

I just stared at him, gobsmacked. Damnit! He had a point. But I wasn’t about to back down.

“Well, she hasn’t even given me a chance to offer them to her, so like, yeah. She saw me when I won them and she didn’t even say congrats, she just walked off,” I told them, starting to get upset.

“That’s just her style,” Dad said casually, “Just do it, to keep the peace, please?”

Was dad actually pleading with me? I don’t think he would admit it, but I’m pretty sure he was. I wasn’t happy about it, but I reluctantly agreed and gave her half of my tickets. But then, she refused to take them! I was getting seriously agro, so I gave them to auntie Jocelyn, which she was happy to accept. She walked over to Steph and gave them to her. Then they started arguing. I saw auntie Jocelyn sternly pointing her finger at Steph. I could tell her was getting told off. It made me feel a little better.

But, I don’t get it. Like, if the winnings were what she was complaining about, then why refuse them when it’s what she wanted in the first place? I think she was just putting on a big show in front of her friends. I know that if she had won the tickets, she wouldn’t have shared them with anyone. It’s so not fair.  Like, the first time that I win anything at Timezone, I can’t even enjoy it! I didn’t even get a chance to buy any toys or lollies with my tickets!

I am so fucking pissed off with her. She totally embarrassed me and made me out as a bitch, when all along she was being the bitch. I get that it was her birthday and everything, but it doesn’t mean you can act like that. Like, it was definitely a shock when all those tickets started coming out and my initial reaction was that they were all mine, but I’m sure after that I would have shared them with her anyway.

Sometimes, I really hate how she treats me. I hate how she changes when she’s around other people. I hate how she’s the ‘Golden Child’ and that she can’t do any wrong, when really, she does a lot of bad shit that I wouldn’t dare do. I hate that, as hard as I try, I won’t ever be seen as good as her, when I know I am.

I was so angry that by the time it was time to go, I didn’t say goodbye to Steph and her friends because they were just bitches. Mum told me off for being rude in the car on the way home. But dad told her to stop yelling at me. At least dad is more perceptive than mum. I knew he was on my side. Then mum started complaining about the banquet. So, I put my headphones in as I usually do when she starts ranting.

By the time we got home, Grace was sleeping, happily clutching my ticket winnings. Dad carried her into the house and I just legged it to my room. It was already 10.30pm, so I knew that mum and dad wouldn’t let me on the computer, so I thought I’d just write all this stuff down because I just need to vent and get it all out of my head.

But yeah, next time I see Steph, she’d better fucking apologise to me.

Amber A.


Do you think that Amber is overreacting? Let me know below!

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