Not A Taj In Sight

3rd February 2004

Today was A LOT better. For one thing, I didn’t embarrass myself. But I have a massive bruise on my forehead though. I can’t believe that I walked into a pole yesterday. But, I managed to cover it up with concealer, so it doesn’t look too bad now.

I had to catch the bus to school this morning because mum had an early shift, so I was much earlier to school than I was yesterday. I walked through the shopping centre and bought a chocolate croissant from Baker’s Delight on the way too. They are sooooo good. And they heat them up for us too, so they are all gooey inside and just… omg.


Like I said, I don’t eat breakfast first thing in the morning, so I usually get something to eat on the way to school because we don’t really eat while we are at school. And if we do eat, it’s like, rabbit food. It’s pretty stupid really. I’m starving by the end of the day, so I pretty much binge eat once I get home. Mum gets hell mad at me, but I still eat all my dinner. And dessert. I know it’s uber unhealthy, but like, that’s just how my friends and I are. I’ve been doing this since year 9. I highly doubt it will change anytime soon.

So yeah. New classes! I had Maths and History today. I sat with Lauren in Maths… and we managed to snag the seats at the back of the class! Mrs Bourke is really nice. Like, she kind of reminds me of Rachel off Friends. She has the same haircut lol. And she’s really pretty. OMG, the guys in the class were ogling her and trying it on. It was pretty funny. Sad, but funny. We did some year 10 revision today so it was cruisy. It was a really great way to start Maths for this year.

History, on the other hand, was shit. I’m so happy that Britt and Amy are in my class because Mr Clarkson is a dick. He told me off for talking… and I wasn’t even talking! It was the girls behind our table. Then, he gave us heaps of homework, but he gave me even more because he said I ‘disrupted the class’. WTF? Even Britt and Amy were like WTF too. Amy said that when her sister had him she said that he was pretty bad. I didn’t believe her until I walked out of class with double the amount of homework.

So not fair.

Recess and lunch were ok too. I’m keeping my distance from Joshua’s group, so I’ve been going the long way to get to the toilets. It’s not ideal, but all the girls are being really supportive at the moment, so they don’t mind at all. Lauren is still not talking to Aaron. She told us that she tried to talk to him last night about it, but he completely shut her down so she’s giving him the silent treatment. I’m not sure how long it will last… or if it will even work. Aaron is actually a really smart guy, so I don’t know if he will fall for her mind games.

And I spoke to Amy about her and Dan.

She’s still seeing him.

She’s keeping it quiet though. Apparently, Mercy told her that Marisol doesn’t like her anymore because of what happened on Australia Day. Amy didn’t take it very well, but she managed to keep her cool while Mercy was talking to her. So yeah, I don’t blame her for not telling Mercy that she’s still going out with Dan.

Speaking of Dan, he told Amy that he wouldn’t ever act like that again. Now, I’m in two minds about this. Like, I really, really want to believe that he won’t lose his shit again, but at the same time… no one changes overnight. I mean, I don’t really know what he’s like when he’s not around a random he doesn’t know; he could be a really nice guy when it’s one on one. And I know that guys act really different around girls, than they do with guys, so maybe that’s how he is with Amy. But I’ve decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m all about giving people second chances, and I think that Amy really needs someone in her corner right now. That’s why she hasn’t told anyone else that she’s still with Dan. Then, she asked me about Taj.

Well, fuck! I haven’t even seen him at school!

I’m not entirely sure where he sits either, so I can’t even go spy on him.

Not that I would.


And I don’t really want to walk around the school randomly to find out where he sits because that just looks desperate. But I told Amy about the MSN conversation that we had, and about him not mentioning his ex-girlfriend to me while we were in France. She thought that was really dodgy and that I should try and find out more about her. I was going to do it tonight, but the amount of homework that Mr Clarkson gave me was massive, so it’s a bit too late for me to go on the net. But I’ll sure as hell be on there tomorrow because it’s really getting to me.

I don’t really know what I’m expecting from him. I think… I think I wanted him to come and find me at recess or lunch or something like that. I dunno. Like, I know that I exist to him, but it would have been nice to see it physically, if that makes sense. But at the same time, I’ve only really spoken to him once since Australia Day, so him coming to see me at my group at school would probably be uber awkward.

I managed to catch the school special bus today. Mrs Litt let us out early, so I didn’t really need to rush to the bus stop like I did yesterday. Adrian was already on the bus so I sat with him… towards the back of the bus!


All the year 12’s from last year weren’t at school anymore (obviously), so all their seats were up for grabs. Adrian and I watched as the bus filled up with familiar faces… andddd with new Junior school students. There didn’t seem to be too much drama with them; I think they knew their place.

At the front of the bus.


The bus trip home was the same as I remember it from last year. Hot, loud and very crammed. I was relieved when I got off so I could breathe! Adrian walked with me for a little of the way and he told me that he hates all his teachers. I told him about how much I don’t like Mr Clarkson, and then Adrian said that he had him last year… and he gave him a D.

He may as well have given Adrian an F! A D is a fail. I really hope that he doesn’t fail me too.

Pretty much since this afternoon I’ve been doing homework. In particular, all the History homework Mr Clarkson gave me. It’s done now though. I didn’t even get a chance to practice playing piano! I have my first lesson tomorrow. Mrs Yeo is seriously going to kill me.

Amber A.


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