The Silent Treatment

6th February 2004

I survived my first week of high school.

Sadly, I have a TON of homework to do over the weekend. So not fair! I bet that the teachers won’t check it, or even go through it on Monday. I just don’t see the point in doing homework. Like, I’m pretty sure that they don’t give you homework when you start working. Unless you’re a teacher. Who has to mark it. Lol.

Dad also told me that the new netball season starts next Friday, so our team needs to book in a practice session at Courtside next week. I still can’t believe that dad is our coach. You would think that we’d have a woman as a coach, right? Nope. No one wanted to train us. So, dad decided that he’d take on the top job. The other parents don’t mind… and I have to admit, we have improved heaps since the beginning of last season. Plus, Britt’s on the team too so it’s not all bad. Amy would probably be part of our team too, but she plays for another team because she registered a lot earlier than Britt and I. It’s fine though; I would rather play her team than all the other random teams in the league any day.


Because some of them are really rough. This one time, I got a really deep scratch from a girl who hadn’t taped her nails properly. I tried to tell the umpire about it but she just ignored me. And another time, Britt got pushed to the ground while trying to defend the goalpost. Most people think that netball is a ‘soft’ game, but sometimes… it’s not. I usually come home with bruises on my arms because of some random, agro girl.

Lauren and Aaron made up today too.

Well… they made out at lunch.

That was sign enough for me! I’m actually impressed that the silent treatment lasted for so long. She said that Aaron caved because he missed her too much. I’m not entirely convinced about that, but I’ll take her word for it. She also said that Aaron is really sorry for making fun of me and he won’t do it again. He told everyone else in his group not to tease me about stacking it on the first day of school either.

Great. Now they probably think I’m ‘precious’. I am sooooo not. And I don’t want Joshua to think that I am. Wait. I don’t care what Joshua thinks anymore. I am DONE with him. I don’t even know why I’m getting so worked up about it. I’m not going to mention his name ever again. Like ever.

Speaking of guys, Dan came to see Amy at school today. We snuck down to the front of the school and hid behind some shrubs so we could talk to him. We couldn’t get out because there was a teacher guarding the gate. Boo! So we had to talk to him through the fence.

Dan wagged school today, which is why he was able to come and visit. Amy was so happy to see him… and he was actually really nice to me us. He apologised for his behaviour on Australia Day and asked for forgiveness. I forgave him straight away! It’s a big thing for a guy to admit when he is wrong, so I’m not going to throw it back in his face. Amy decided that she wanted to spend the rest of the day with him, so she walked around to the back of the school and left through the carpark. I told her I’d cover for her, considering the girls still don’t know that she’s seeing Dan.

I also tried to talk to Jenny today but she was really short with me, so I’ve asked Britt to find out what’s going on with her. I would normally push Jenny into telling me what’s wrong, but she didn’t even give me a chance. Like today at recess, I stood next to her in the group but she moved away from me. And then I tried to walk with her to class but she deliberately took some random detour and popped out at the classroom next to mine. Like seriously, WTF? I haven’t done ANYTHING! I’ve even msged her and tried to call her like 20 times tonight but she hasn’t replied at all.

I really don’t know what I’ve done and it’s making me upset. I want to get to the bottom of this because I’m so anxious right now. Not even talking to Taj tonight has calmed me down either.

I guess he can’t always be my knight in shining armour 😦

Amber A.




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