Nanna, Netball and the Net

7th February 2004


I am SO tired! I think it must be because I’ve had such a full on week, with it being the first week of high school and everything. I probably just have to get back into a routine of going to school, playing netball, going to piano lessons, doing homework, working on Sundays and of course, family and friend commitments (and maybe soon to be boyfriend/girlfriend time?). It can’t be that hard… right? I mean, I got through it last year… how hard can this year be?

So today, we went to see nanna. There’s a place called Pa’s Patisserie which sells like the BEST pies and stuffed spuds, so we took her out to lunch. She was so happy to see us that she bought an apple strudel for all of us to share. It was sooooo good! She also tried some of my Hawaiian stuffed spud because she hadn’t seen anything like it before. I guess she would have grown up in the 1920’s, so I doubt that they had stuffed spuds around that time. But she liked it. She said that she wanted to make some for us next time we come and visit… but none of us had the heart to tell her that she doesn’t have a kitchen anymore…

Well, she has a sink and mini bar fridge, but nursing home residents aren’t allowed to have an oven or a stovetop. I guess it’s to try and keep them safe? Maybe they are worried they will burn themselves, or forget to turn something off. But you know what? They get food served to them every single day. It’s kind of like being on a permanent holiday where you don’t have to cook or clean anymore. Except that you can’t really go anywhere unless someone is with you.

*Sad face*

I think nursing homes are a bittersweet thing. Like, it’s good for people who lose the ability to live by themselves because there is someone there to look after them, but sad that people have to leave their homes in the first place because they can’t look after themselves anymore. But nanna seems happy there. She’s made some friends, there’s a crèche with heaps of books and puzzles, a massive communal area where they can watch movies on a huge TV, and an in-house salon! Plus, the staff are really nice too. Dad did ALOT of research on nursing homes before he settled on nanna’s nursing home.

After we dropped her back to the nursing home, we went to the shops so mum could buy some groceries. I walked around with Grace so that she wouldn’t die of boredom.

Ok, I lie.

So that I wouldn’t die of boredom.

I don’t like going grocery shopping. It’s like sooooo boring! Like, I don’t care if the apples are too yellow, or if my LCM bars are too expensive. I don’t have to buy them, so why should I care? I honestly think mum just likes the company. Like I said, it’s sooooo boring shopping for groceries. Lol.

When we got home, I did a chunk of my homework. I got through all my history reading and some maths problems Mrs Bourke gave us. I also practised piano and even walked around to Adrian’s house to see if he was home. I shouldn’t have bothered; he was at work. OMG. I haven’t even asked him about his work! I’ll ask him on Monday. Oh wait. I’ve got netball practice on Monday! Crap.

Dad called up Courtside and the only time they had available was Monday at 4pm. So, he’s going to finish work early and drop Britt and I there. Then train us. Ugh. I’m so looking forward to it.


He also told all the other parents that training is on Monday, so I’ll get to see everyone else too. I’m a bit excited, actually. I haven’t seen them since our wind up last year. Good times, good times.

I went on the net after dinner, but Jenny, Britt and Taj weren’t on, so I logged off and just stayed in my room and listened to music and did some drawings. Britt sent me a msg earlier today that she spoke to Jenny but she wouldn’t tell her anything. Britt is so lucky that I bought credit today while I was at the shops, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to msg her back. I’m surprised that Jenny didn’t tell Britt anything. They have a pretty close friendship. I guess I must’ve done something really bad by her standards…

I was hoping that Jenny would be on so I could ask her myself. She could have been online, but my guess is that she’s blocked me on MSN. And I wanted to talk to Taj because I miss him. I’m not sure if I would tell him about Jenny hating me at the moment, only because he knows who she is and he does have a friendship with her. I think. Well, they were pretty friendly in France, so I’m just assuming it’s from that, plus their interaction on Australia day that makes me think that it’s not just an acquaintance friendship. If that makes sense.

I just really need someone to talk to. I feel a little on edge. But it’s too late to call anyone right now. And tomorrow I’m working, and I don’t really want to talk to Michael about it, even though he’s my age. But he’s a guy. He wouldn’t understand anyway. Girls are like, totally wired differently to boys.

Friendships are so complicated!

Amber A.


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