Passions, Piano and Playdates

10th February 2004

Today, I told the girls about my conversation with Taj last night. They reckon that he’s going to ask me out real soon! They were also a bit jealous; Lauren said that Aaron hasn’t spoken to her about Valentine’s Day yet, and Amy isn’t even sure if Dan actually knows it’s this Saturday. And Mercy said that if Demarco doesn’t get her a good Valentine’s Day present, she’s going to dump him! I thought that was a little bit shallow, but like, I don’t think that she’d actually do it. She’s all bark and no bite. I’ve seen the way she looks at him – there’s no way that she’d break up with him.

Jenny still isn’t talking to me. In fact, she’s not talking to any of us. Apparently, Britt tried to talk to her last night, but she just ignored her. So now, Britt’s annoyed with her too. I hate what I’m about to say next, but… I think I’m going to have to go over to where she’s sitting at the moment and talk to her in person. I’m pretty sure the group she’s sitting with know all about the whole situation, so I hope they won’t stop me from talking to her. I’m going to go there at lunch tomorrow because we haven’t even gotten through a fortnight of school and we are already fighting. And plus, it’s sooooo stupid to be fighting over a guy! I know it. She knows it. Everyone bloody knows it! And yet, our friendship is strained.

*Sad face*

Other than that, school was ok. I don’t know if it’s Mr Simpson or it’s me, but I am finding chemistry REALLY difficult. Like, I know the Periodic table really well, but it’s got nothing to do with it! Well, it does, but it’s more about formula’s, rather than the properties of each chemical element, which is what I thought we’d be learning about. So yeah, chemistry is really starting to feel like maths now. And I suck at maths. I left first period feeling like shit. But the rest of my classes were fine.

I caught the school bus special home. Luckily, Adrian was on and he saved me a spot. I asked him about how his job was going so far, and he said that he’s really enjoying it. He likes looking through the new releases and working out what the customer’s music tastes are before he talks to them. 90% of the time, he’s been correct so I think he has a knack for it.

Adrian also told me that Sam came to see him too! He was pretty shocked to see Sam, considering it’s been ages since Australia day. But they had a good chat, and they are going to hang out this weekend. He said that I should meet Sam, but I said that I’m working on Sunday, so I might not be able to. He was a bit disappointed, I think, but considering he’s working on Saturday, I think he knows that work takes priority.

I went to his house after school and we watched the rest of Passions. It’s so annoying that it starts at 3pm. We always miss the first 15 minutes of it, which sucks. But, we don’t really miss out on much. For some reason, the storylines drag on forever. I’m not joking! Like 1 conversation can go on for like, 2 months. I remember last year, the Bennet house was burning for OVER 5 months! Like, WTF? I get that Tabitha was trying to kill Charity, but it was literally the SAME scene of a burning house and everyone saying like, 1 sentence each episode! But still… Adrian and I love it.


Once Passions was over, I walked home, had some food (cold Milo’s are the BEST!) and practised piano. Dad came home with Grace not long after. Mum finishes work at midnight, so I played with Grace so dad could prep dinner. Then, we got in the car and he dropped me off at piano. Dad gave me a check to give to Mrs Yeo. Can you believe that this term it’s going to cost $360 for piano lessons?! That’s sooooo much money. It’s actually a lot higher than most piano teachers, but she’s the best one I’ve ever had. And I’ve been with her since I was 10.

She doesn’t take beginners anymore. She prefers to work with established people who want to excel. So she says. I don’t think I’ve excelled very much, but she pushes me to learn harder pieces that I usually wouldn’t choose, and she makes me do practical and theory exams too (which I HATE, but my parents LOVE). Ugh.

The first time that I met her, we had just moved into the area and I hadn’t had lessons for about a year. We previously lived in Kalgoorlie and had moved around a little bit, until dad bought the house we live in now. I’ve had lessons since I was 8 years old and they actually started when we were in Kalgoorlie. So, my parents told Mrs Yeo about relocating to Perth and she made me sit at the piano and play for her. I remember, it was so scary.

But, I did it. I played her my favourite song at the time ‘Country Gardens’ and when I finished playing, she said that I play very well for someone who hasn’t had lessons in a long time. That made me relax. Then, she said that she could teach me a more complex version of ‘Country Gardens’… if she wanted me to.

I was so happy! I had passed her audition! I said yes straight away, and she was happy to have me as a pupil… under 1 condition: my parents had to get me a proper piano.


I still remember the look on their faces. Mrs Yeo said that the songs that I would be learning in the future couldn’t be learned on the portable keyboard that I was currently using, and that in order to reach my ‘full’ potential, I needed to have a piano so I can learn to take control of it and feel the music. Strange words huh?

But… my parents listened. And they bought me one that weekend.

A MASSIVE, mahogany, upright piano.

To me, back then… it was HUGE. Like, I just remember staring up at it, wondering how I was ever going to master it. But 5 years on, it’s safe to say that I’ve made it my bitch.


Over time, I’ve come to have a love/hate relationship with it. Some days, I play everything perfect, but other days, I can’t play anything right. When I’m happy, I play brilliantly, but when I’m angry or upset, I’ll sit at the piano and just smash the keys and pretty much take out my feelings on it. I guess in a sense, it’s like an outlet for me. But it’s always there when I need it. I hope that when I eventually buy a mansion when I’m rich and famous that mum and dad let me take it with me.

So yeah, my piano lesson went well. Mrs Yeo wants me to do a theory exam this year, which later this year. She says I’m more than ready to do it. I hesitated and I said I’d think about it. She wasn’t very impressed with that answer, so when dad came to pick me up, she walked me out to the car and had a ‘chat’ with dad about it.

Needless to say… I’m doing it.

Dad threatened to stop paying for my lessons if I didn’t do it. So really, I didn’t have a choice. I don’t get paid enough to pay for them myself, so if I want them, I have to rely on my parents for the money.

So not fair.

We got home and had dinner. Steak and vegetables. At least dad knows how to make decent mashed potatoes. Grace’s mash was smothered in gravy, so she ate all of it. Then, dad asked me to clean her up while he did the dishes, so I gave her a bath and played with the duckies in the tub with her until dad came in to dry her and put her to sleep.

I didn’t have any homework tonight, so I went on the net. I downloaded a couple of songs; I really like this new track by Usher called ‘Yeah’. It’s got the best beat and it’s so catchy – I’m hearing it EVERYWHERE at the moment. I reckon it’s going to be number 1 in the country soon.

I also went on MSN and Taj was on. We were chatting away and flirting as always, and then he asked me if I could come and visit him at his group tomorrow at recess.

Apparently, he found out from Leanne’s best friend, Bronte, that she was surprised that I came by last week and she demanded to know who I was and what I wanted with Taj. Bronte said that Leanne still has feelings for him…

OMG. That bitch can’t let go!

But then, Taj said to her that he had feelings for someone else…

He didn’t say it outright, but I know he means me.

OMG. I can feel it in my bones – he is definitely going to ask me out! I just KNOW it now! Maybe that’s why he asked me to come and visit him tomorrow? I’m not sure! He said I could bring a friend, so I’m a bit nervous.

I hope I get a decent night’s sleep! My heart is racing!

Amber A.



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