Fail of a Valentine’s Day

14th February 2004

So much for thinking that today was going to be romantic. Why did Valentine’s Day have to fall on a Saturday?! It totally sucked! Ok. Well, it didn’t suck as much as I thought it was going to. But, it still sucked.

OK, well it wasn’t a complete waste of a day; I did get some yummy food out of it. But there were 3 stand-out things that happened today.

1. Auntie Nita’s Birthday

We got to Rockingham about an hour earlier than what the invite actually said because of 3 reasons. Firstly, mum was paranoid that we weren’t going to make it on time because of all the roadworks happening on the freeway. Secondly, mum had heaps of dishes that she had made and needed to help auntie Nita set up the table for the rest of the guests. And thirdly, mum wanted to make sure that Grace was nice and settled before everybody else arrived. Hmm… now that I think about it, there was only 1 reason. Mum.


There were a couple of familiar faces who were invited; Bryce was one of them. I shouldn’t have been so surprised to see him though, after all, auntie Nita is his auntie too. But only because Bryce’s dad is uncle Donald’s brother (who’s married to auntie Nita), so yeah, he’s pretty much part of my extended family. I asked him if Lewis and Cameron were coming. He said no. Apparently, they weren’t invited. They aren’t blood relatives anyway, just family friends. But I can’t say that I wasn’t disappointed. I thought that there could be a slight chance that they’d be coming, but I suspected as much. It was still an enjoyable birthday party. We even got to go down to the jetty and go swimming! I was actually having a really good time with Bryce and Grace… until Steph decided to rock up. Which brings me to the second major thing that happened today…

2. Steph

I seriously don’t know what’s going on with her, but she was in a shitty mood. She and her family arrived a little later than us, and then she refused to talk to anyone, let alone wish auntie Nita a happy birthday. So rude. Then, she went into the spare bedroom and shut the door. Bryce and I thought that was weird, and we tried to get her to let us in. She refused and told us to leave her alone. We couldn’t be bothered trying to find out why she was so grumpy, so, we decided to go swimming instead. Grace saw us leaving for the beach and she chucked a tantrum, so mum told asked me to take her with me. Not exactly what I call fun, but she did look really cute in her frilly bathers.

The 3 of us were playing in the shallow waters, when we saw Steph walking towards us. I think auntie Jocelyn must have made her come down to check on us, because she wasn’t very happy to be there. Plus, she was wearing like, boot sneaker-like shoes (which are definitely not meant for the beach), so when she started to walk on the sand, she started cursing pretty loudly. Lol. She sooooo didn’t belong there. Just picture an Ella Hooper look-alike from Killing Heidi, trudging her way through some sand dunes. Yeah. That would be Steph.

I guess I was half expecting her to come into the water, but nope. She just sat on my beach towel and played on her phone. She didn’t even bother asking! Then, Grace decided to give her a big hug. This would have been perfectly fine if it was me. Except that Grace forgot that she was completely wet. And covered in sunscreen. Needless to say, it didn’t go down so well with Steph.

She completely freaked out and face planted into the sand! Bryce and I were in hysterics. Grace thought it was pretty funny too. And Steph. Well, not so much. She knew that she couldn’t yell at Grace, so she did the most meanest thing… she scared her.

Now, I don’t know exactly what Steph told her while we were in the water, but she suddenly started crying and refused to come back in the water. I was so pissed off. Like, we were having a real good time, until she came and ruined it. Grace wouldn’t calm down, so I had to get out of the water, dry myself off and take Grace back home.

So not impressed. Neither was Bryce.

I had to explain to mum why we had come back so early, and then… she got mad at me! WTF! Mum said that I was Grace’s responsibility and that I should have looked after her properly. I tried to tell mum about what Steph did, but she wouldn’t listen. Even Bryce –the quietest boy I have ever met – tried to explain what happened and mum ignored him! I was so mad. This always happens. I get blamed for everything! It’s NOT fair! So yet again, I get yelled at, and Steph gets off scot free.

I was pretty happy when mum told me that we were going home; I couldn’t wait to get away from her. Not only did she not apologise to me about being a bitch on her birthday, but she like, seriously embarrassed me in front of everyone… AND on Valentine’s Day!

I am definitely NOT talking to her EVER again!

3. Taj

He was waiting for me on MSN tonight. He’s so sweet. He told me that he wished that he could have seen me today because it’s Valentine’s Day. I ended up telling him about what happened in Rockingham and he was uber understanding. He said that he wished he was there when it all happened because he would have given Steph a piece of his mind lol. Omg. I would have LOVED to see that! I bet she wouldn’t even understand half the words he would have said to her. It would have been hilarious. But. I’m not ready to introduce him to my parents…

I don’t know why I do it, but when I have a boyfriend, I kinda hide it from them. I know that mum would freak and tell me I can’t have one until I finish high school, which is so lame. And dad? Well, I just know that he will tease me and I absolutely hate it.  And besides, I don’t want them to know what I’m up to in my private life anyway; they will just ruin everything that I have going for me.

No. I don’t need to tell them. Not unless things start to get serious.

You know… like if I want to go out at night or something. I can’t really lie about where I’m going because that would be ‘out of character’ for me. Hmm… I wonder if things will become serious between us? I’d like to think that it will! I really like Taj, and he’s just so nice and charming and… omg – there isn’t enough words in the world to describe him! I like the fact that he’s interested in me, and interested in my life and wants to know everything about me. Joshua wasn’t like that at all. Well, I mean, he did compliment me heaps, but like, Taj does that too but it’s wayyy more sophisticated.

And you know what? I don’t know any girl that’s been given a dozen roses when they’ve been asked out. I don’t think that a popular guy would even go to that length to get the girl. So yeah. I don’t care if everyone thinks he’s a year 12 loser; it’s personality that really matters. He makes me laugh and he makes me happy, so I don’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks.

Amber A.



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